Fresh Fruits and Vegetables To Its Loyal and Valued Customers

Haidari Trading Company is the leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetable in Qatar. A family owned business started from 1963 operating in fruits and vegetable sector as a sole proprietorship. In 1993, Haidari Trading took the first step into the future by being registered as a formal business. From then onwards, Haidari Trading became a market leader in supplying high quality fresh fruits and vegetables. The success mainly because Haidari Trading considers quality products and quality services as paramount of its core value. Today, Haidari Trading paves its way as the top supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables in Qatar.

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Quality Management System

Haidari Trading consider quality as the core value of the company. We believe that there’s no better strategy than providing products and services with high quality. Haidari Trading aligns its quality management system from International Standard ISO 9001 which our system is certified.

Food Safety Management System

It is the right of every individual to eat a food that is safe. We carry the moral and ethical responsibility in providing our customer with safe and wholesome products. Haidari Trading considers food safety as paramount to our success. Our procurement process follows a rigid process in selecting our suppliers.

Health, Safety and Environment

At Haidari Trading, we conduct hazard and risk assessment analysis in our processes and facilities. We ensure that lives are preserved and tasks are executed safely. Working environments were evaluated and safety measures are implemented. Proper Protective Equipment’s (PPE’s) were provided to each employee as per their safety needs. Posters and signage’s are visible to remind employees to work safely.